It is understandable that bicycles are popular modes of transport. They cost less, require less maintenance, and promote fitness. But they don’t come without risks. Even though bicycles can have their own lanes, they may still be prone to accidents because of the errors of their riders and other drivers.

According to the website of these Brownsville personal injury lawyers, those who have been hurt in bicycle accidents may get compensation from negligent drivers who have caused the accidents. But when you think about it, monetary compensation is never enough to offset the victim’s pain and suffering, so it is better if everybody just makes the effort of avoiding bicycle accidents.

Bicyclist Mistakes
Not wearing protective gear: Bicyclists should always wear helmets, pads, and other protections to minimize the damage of accidents. They may be the gears that will prevent them from sustaining severe traumatic injuries.

Not addressing visibility issues: Bicycles are smaller machines on the road, so they may be less visible to other drivers. Bicyclists should make sure that they are visible, like by staying on their proper lanes, wearing reflective clothing, and utilizing bicycle lights.

Going too fast: Bicyclists should be aware that they are some of the most vulnerable people on the road, so they should really consider their speed, especially on intersections and narrow roads where they may fail to react on time to unexpected events if they are going too fast.

Driver Mistakes
Not being careful on intersections: Drivers in intersections should be very mindful of their blind spots and possible bicyclists in them. Drivers who turn right on intersections may block bicyclists going the same direction. Drivers who turn left or go straight the intersections may block bicyclists going the adjacent direction.

Suddenly changing lanes: Abrupt maneuvers on the road, such as lane changing, may catch bicyclists, especially if the bicyclists are on their blind spots.

Opening the door without looking: Accidents can still happen even if the involved vehicle is not moving. If the person in the vehicle opens the door without looking for oncoming motorists, the door may serve as an obstruction to passing bicyclists.