On a construction site, just about any type of accident and injury can occur. Construction sites have been notoriously known as one of the most dangerous workplaces, and in the United States about one in every five fatal injuries happen on construction sites, as recorded by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in 2010. There are four injuries that OSHA has as fatal, and they are electrocutions, being struck by an object, falls, and being caught in or between. These four injuries account to an estimated 400 deaths every year, and sadly these are preventable. When safety measures are not taken or practiced and these injuries occur, they can be grounds for a personal injury claim.

According to the website of Hach & Rose, LLP, construction workers in the United States who are injured while working does not have legal access to benefits aside from worker’s compensation. If the injured worker believes that the injuries were too great and the worker’s compensation benefits that is provided is not enough or unfair for them, they can file for a personal injury lawsuit against the company or the person who caused the accident. It is best to have the injured worker be informed about their rights as well as alternatives that could provide then compensation following an accident on the job. Whether being a member of the worker’s union or not does not really matter.

Employers and the whole company can be affected when an injured worker files for a personal injury claim against them. A lot of construction injuries and accidents often lead to personal injury lawsuits, and because these lawsuits are complicated and intricate, it helps to have a Louisville personal injury lawyer. Injured workers could greatly benefit from the help and guidance of a Louisville personal injury lawyer since the judicial landscape is very hard to navigate on your own. Oftentimes, the result of a personal injury claim depends on the capacity of the lawyer to effectively fight and represent your case on court.