According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 3 million people are injured in car crashes every year. Due to the nature of car crashes, some injuries are, unfortunately, more common than others. When cars are struck from a certain side, or collide with different objects, certain injuries are more likely to occur.

Head injuries range in severity. Car crashes can leave victims with injuries that will last a lifetime, or can be less severe, such as a mild concussion. Although these injuries have different severities, they may be the most dangerous to sustain in a crash. It is not uncommon for brain injuries to show no physical symptoms or warning signs immediately following the crash. Traumatic brain injuries can affect car crash victims for the rest of their lives.

Back injuries typically consist of muscle pulls and tears, but can also include injuries to the spine and neck. Spine injuries can also typically be severe. From ruptured disks to muscle strains and tears, they can be wildly uncomfortable for the victim and also have a long recovery period. Neck injuries can include disk issues, as well as strains like whiplash.

Soft tissue injuries, such as bruises, are typically caused by colliding with objects in the car, and are the most common type of car accident injury. Soft tissue injuries can also include cuts and scrapes caused by contact with objects in the car or glass from the windshield puncturing the skin.

Many of these can be prevented by wearing a seatbelt and observing the rules of the road. Oftentimes, however, the reckless actions of others are the cause of car crash injuries. For more information about liability with car crash injuries, visit the website of Evans Moore, LLC.