Many times the victims of defective products are children whose toys have caused them injuries, either through the parts of the toy or lacking safety warnings for appropriate age group. Every year, hundreds of thousands of children suffer from injuries from defective products and there are even those who die from toy-related deaths. One of the dangers that these toys cause are choking hazards; because very young children are curious and would often put things into their mouths. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide a safety warning for proper labeling on the package that they come in.

The dangers of defective products can also affect adults. Every product should have a warning label. Electrical appliances can have faulty wiring, which could result in electrocution or burn injuries. Sometimes, people are injured death due to defective products. They may be able to file a personal injury claim. This would enable them to claim compensation for the damages that the product has caused, and would cover for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, other damages.

A manufacturer of a product can cause defects in a number of ways; one being the design itself was defective. Another error would be on the assembly of the product, where despite the right design, poor workmanship, using deficient materials for the product, or committing mistakes during the assembly itself. Lastly, the failure to warn the consumer of the roper use and safety could lead to many accidents and injuries. Despite being under the watchful eye of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, many defective household appliances are still sold in the market. Consumers should be watchful of what they are using and read the safety features first before using the product. They are also advised to check the product for defects before purchasing them, and to watch out for product recalls that often points out the deficiency of a product.